Building a Bigger Environmental Constituency

Learn how NYLCV's Education Fund is working statewide to engage voters to become active on environmental issues.




Click above to read our report on the sustainability progress that Westchester municipalities are making.Click above to read our report on the sustainability progress that Westchester municipalities are making.Westchester County and its 45 municipalities have a long history of environmental leadership.

But more needs to be done -- particularly when it comes to climate change and preparing Westchester for future extreme weather events.

That's why NYLCV is redoubling our efforts in the county and working toward incremental solutions that will help the environment and economy.

NYLCV is currently working on a Westchester Policy Agenda that will offer detailed transportation, energy efficiency and planning guidance that will help villages, towns, cities and the county government meet their environmental challenges. (Check out our most recent “Blueprint for a Greener Westchester County, too.) Our recommendations will yield the greatest environmental benefits while costing the least, and in many cases will save taxpayer dollars over the long term.

The NYLCV Education Fund is also play a key role in educating, engaging and empowering Westchester residents to be effective environmental advocates. 

Last fall, NYLCVEF -- in conjunction with Pace University -- hosted the Westchester Candidate Forum on Sustainability to get the candidates running for County Executive talking about their environmental plans.

In conjunction with Pace University Law School's Center for Environmental Legal Studies, NYLCVEF has also produced a report tracking Westchester's progress in meeting local climate action goals. Click here to read the full report, titled "Climate Adaptation and Mitigation: Westchester Responds to the Changing Future."


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