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NY Congressional Delegation Outperforms Nation

Feb. 22, 2010

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Strong commitment to clean energy
and the environment

NEW YORK - Today, the New York League of Conservation Voters joined the national League of Conservations Voters in releasing the 2009 National Environmental Scorecard, revealing scores for the New York delegation in the first session of the 111th Congress. For 30 years, the National Environmental Scorecard issued by LCV has been the nationally accepted yardstick used to rate members of Congress on environmental, public health and energy issues.

Click above to download the 2009 National Enviornmental ScorecardClick above to download the 2009 National Enviornmental Scorecard"Once again, New York ranks among the top congressional delegations in the nation when it comes to fighting for a clean energy future and a healthier environment," said Marcia Bystryn, president of the New York League of Conservation Voters. "With few exceptions, their votes speak volumes to the growing importance of the environment as a voting issue across New York State. We applaud those who scored well, and we urge those who did not to re-examine their priorities and redouble their efforts to protect their constituents' air, water, health and land."

The 2009 Scorecard includes 11 Senate and 13 House votes dominated by clean energy and climate but also encompassing other environmental issues such as public lands, water and wildlife conservation. In New York, 20 House members and both senators earned a perfect 100 percent score in 2009 - more than two thirds of the delegation. U.S. Rep. Chris Lee, representing the 26th District in Western New York, had the lowest score in the state, at 14 percent. New York's average House score was 88 percent, up from 81 percent last year. New York's average House score ranked sixth in the U.S.

"The 2009 National Environmental Scorecard illustrates the extent to which the Obama administration and the 111th Congress began to move our nation towards a clean energy future that will create new jobs, make America more energy independent and curb global warming pollution," said LCV President Gene Karpinski. "However, it also makes clear that there is still much work to be done, first and foremost to finish the work started in the House by swiftly passing a comprehensive clean energy and climate bill in the Senate."

The New York delegation scores are as follows. The full 2009 National Environmental Scorecard can be found at www.lcv.org/scorecard.

Bishop, T. (D ) -- 100
Israel (D ) -- 100
King, P. (R ) -- 36
McCarthy, C. (D ) -- 93
Ackerman (D )-- 100
Meeks, G. (D ) -- 100
Crowley (D ) -- 100
Nadler (D ) -- 100
Weiner (D ) -- 86
Towns (D ) -- 100
Clarke (D ) -- 100
Velazquez (D ) -- 93
McMahon (D ) -- 100
Maloney (D ) -- 100
Rangel (D ) -- 100
Serrano (D ) -- 100
Engel (D ) -- 93
Lowey (D ) -- 100
Hall, J. (D ) -- 100
Murphy, S. (D ) -- 88
Tonko (D ) -- 100
Hinchey (D ) -- 100
McHugh (R ) -- 67
Owens (D ) -- 100
Arcuri (D ) -- 86
Maffei (D ) -- 100
Lee, C. (R ) -- 14
Higgins (D ) -- 100
Slaughter (D ) -- 100
Massa (D ) -- 86


The New York League of Conservation Voters (NYLCV) was founded in 1989 as a nonpartisan, policy-making and political action organization that works to make environmental protection a top priority with elected officials, decision makers, and voters by evaluating incumbent performance and endorsing and electing environmental leaders to office in New York State.

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