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Spitzer Given Green Grades for First 100-Days

For Immediate Release: April 19, 2007

Contact: Joshua Klainberg 212-361-6350 x 207

High Marks for Climate Change and Conservation Funding; Low Marks for Environmental Justice and Smart Growth

New York, NY --- The non-partisan New York League of Conservation Voters (NYLCV) released a report today tracking the environmental progress made by Governor Eliot Spitzer and his administration in its first 100-days.

Back in December 2006, NYLCV issued a 100-Day Environmental Agenda for then Governor-Elect Spitzer. This agenda outlined 27 discrete actions within six environmental policy areas for the new administration to tackle during its first few months in office.

This report has found the administration's performance to date as follows:

  • Reducing Co2 Emissions and Addressing Climate Change: Good/Outstanding
  • Developing a Comprehensive Energy Plan: Fair
  • Ensuring Adequate Environmental Conservation Funding: Good/Outstanding
  • Making a Stronger Commitment For Environmental Justice: Needs Improvement
  • Promoting a Smart Growth Development Strategy: Needs Improvement
  • Developing an Environmentally Sound Transportation Policy: Fair

"While the progress in some areas clearly outpaces others, overall we're pleased," said NYLCV Executive Director Marcia Bystryn. "With the budget behind him and his team in place, we expect by the end of the session all of these areas to be at least 'Good' if not 'Outstanding' ."

Click HERE to read the full report.

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