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Green PAC Targets Congestion Pricing Foes

Source: New York Daily News
Publication Date: March 29, 2008


Perhaps you missed it in all of yesterday's hoopla, but I posted in Odds and Ends a link to the NYLCV's new environmental PAC that, according to the press release announcing it, will be assiting local and state candidates who are commited to fighting climate change.

Well, apparently that's not all it will be doing.

From Crain's this morning:

"Legislators and City Council members who vote against congestion pricing can expect payback from a new political action committee being formed by the New York League of Conservation Voters. Its Climate Action PAC will campaign against them at election time and will support candidates who help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The league dipped its toes into campaign activism last year, spending $100,000 on three races - in Brookhaven, Yonkers and Schenectady - and saw all of its candidates win. The PAC expects to raise at least $300,000 in its first year. With environmentalism surging among New Yorkers, “this is a great year to be selling this product, as it were,” a spokesman says.

The PAC’s Web site, located at www.whatisnewyorkwaitingfor.com, has quietly gone live. The site offers amusing but dire forecasts about the impact of climate change on the state. The organization will celebrate the launch at a private party next week; Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey will be the guest speaker."

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