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Summit Takes Closer Look At New York's Power Grid

Submitted by Elizabeth Mooney on Thu, 2012-04-05 20:14.

The Cuomo administration's New York Energy Highway Task Force convened a summit at Columbia University this week, seeking suggestions to relieve in-state electricity transmission bottlenecks.

Starting April 11, persons or entities wishing to submit substantive proposals can do so via a new Web site, www.nyenergyhighway.com. The site, already up and running, also will post synopses of the recently held summit.

New York Power Authority Chief Gil Quinones   warned that New York's electric grid is aging and   ailing.New York Power Authority Chief Gil Quinones warned that New York's electric grid is aging and ailing.Among the presenters at this week's public symposium was Stephen G. Whitley, chief executive officer of the New York Independent System Operator. "Today, New York has a statewide surplus of electric energy, but we are limited in our ability to transmit that electricity from areas of surplus to areas of need," he said.

Whitley noted that New York has witnessed significant growth in the development of renewable resources in the northern and western regions of the state, and there is potential for future growth and expansion.

"An energy highway will help deliver these resources to some of the largest load centers in the United States-New York City and Long Island," he said.

As the New York Times notes, the recently enacted state budget includes $16.2 million for energy research and development and for a plan to secure billions of dollars in private investment for a potential energy highway. The energy highway could play a critical role in the effort to shut down Indian Point -- which Gov. Cuomo has prioritized -- since additional energy would be needed to replace the plant if it is shut down.

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