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NYC Council Votes To Improve Water Efficiency Standards

Submitted by Vianney Schlegel on Thu, 2010-10-14 17:52.

On Wednesday, the New York City Council approved a set of bills that will save the city one billion gallons of water every year. 

The four bills will prohibit the use of certain equipment that utilize drinking water, will allow for the identification of water leaks, will promote the use of domestic drinking water rather than bottled water and will revise water efficiency standards. 

“A typical New Yorker uses 125 gallons of water every day,” said Speaker Christine Quinn. “That’s quite a bit of water. And sometimes, in our day-to-day, we tend to take it for granted, as other cities and countries across the world struggle to find access to fresh water. But I’m proud to say that our legislation today will do its part to make sure that New Yorkers are using water wisely, not wasting it.” 

Earlier this year, the Green Codes Task Force, a group convened by The Urban Green Council at the request of Speaker Christine Quinn and Mayor Mike Bloomberg, submitted its report outlining a comprehensive series of recommendations on how to make buildings in the city more efficient. The legislation passed this week resulted from that group's work.

The four bills were sponsored by Council Members Inez Dickens, Mathieu Eugene, Brad Lander and Jessica Lappin. The Council's Environmental Protection Committee is headed by Council Member Jim Gennaro.

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